Fourth Of July Photo Contest

12:31 PM

Even though we ended our 21 Days of Fabulous giveaway yesterday, it's time to start a new contest! :) Last time, we did a giveaway- this time let's try a contest! 

The contest will be a photo contest! 
Snap a picture of your doll(s) doing their favorite thing in the summer! 
Whether it's sipping lemonade or blogging about a new contest, it can be entered! ;) 
Please include a short caption explaining what your doll is doing and why it is her favorite summer thing to do! 

1. You must have your parents premission to enter (if you win, we are sending your prize via the mail!)
2. It must be your own photo! (no stealing others!)
3. No cheating or be a bad sport! 
4. Have fun! :D
E-mail your photo to: 

Okay, now onto everybody's favorite part- the prizes! :D

It is a 4th of July contest, so we going to stick to a theme. ;) 
First off, lets take a look at these hair clips! 

Do you like them? We made them ourselves! 

Now, because they are homemade, they are fragile! We hot glued a brand new, never before used, hair clip to a fake flower. They may fall apart with rough play! (Just a warning!) 

We are also giving away these NIB Springfield shoes. 

In addition, 4 flags will be given away too! They fit in between our fingers! :D

There will be 3, yes 3, winners! 

First Place gets:

-One Red Flower Hair Clip
-One Blue Flower Hair Clip
-One White Flower Hair Clip
-2 Flags
-One Pair of Springfield shoes

Wow! That's a lot! :D 

Second Place will receive: 

-One Flower Hair Clip in their choice of color
-One Flower Hair Clip in their choice of color
-One American Flag

Side Note for second place: The 2 hair clips you choose must be red, white, or blue. We do not have enough to give you double of one color! 

Third Place gets:

-One Flower Hair Clip
-One Flag

Third Place gets the hair clip winner #2 didn't want. For example, if winner #2 chooses a red and white clip, winner #3 will get a blue clip! :) 

The contest ends Friday, June 22, so we can send out your prizes before July 4! (so your dollies can use them for the occasion of course!)

On June 23, all of the entries will be posted and the winner will be announced! 


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4 lovely comments

  1. I'm so excited! Can't wait to enter!

    Adollable Dolls

  2. Molly-
    How many photos are we aloud to enter? Just one?



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