Fourth of July Contest Results!

12:04 PM

Hi everydollie! :D It is I, the fabulous Miss Molly here! Today we are announcing the winners of our Fourth of July photo contest! :D We are so glad everybody enjoyed entering! :) As always, we will start with third place..for added suspense. ;) 

Our third place winner is.....


"Shaila likes to do pageants in the Summer." 

Congratulations, Hannah! Look out for an e-mail from us! :) 

And our second place winner is........


"Helen (my doll), and Cindy (my sister's doll) are enjoying a picnic in the meadow."

We love having picnics ourselves! :) Congratulations, and look out for an e-mail from us! 

And now....the first place winner is........


"Rebecca and Kirsten love to have picnics in the summer! Their favorite summer food is watermelon; and lemonade!" 

Congratulations! :) 

Looks like everybody loooooves picnics! Which inspired us for an upcoming series.......

Congratulation everyone! :D Thanks to all who entered! 

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4 lovely comments

  1. Awesome, thanks! Congratulations Hannah and Jan!

  2. Yay! 1st contest that I've won!

  3. YAY!!!!! First actual contest I've won! :). Congratulations, Christina and Hannah! :)

  4. Congrats Jan, Hannah and Christina! Will there be another photo contest soon?
    Just wondering. :D


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