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2:46 PM

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And, now back to your post!
Life is good. It really, really is. 
We aren't yet out of school- but it already feels like summer around here. 
Mommy is going to rent a movie we can all watch tonight (expect pictures ;) ) 
And then I suppose we are going to all fall asleep on the couch- like usual. 
The other day, I wanted to make use of the camera mommy gave me. Abagaile wanted to have her picture taken. 
We put two and two together and came up with this:

And this: 

And a six minute long video:

:) Excited for Camp Doll Diaries? We are! 
Caroline, who is like the boss when mommy isn't home, is full out planning mode. 
She is driving me insane. 
Do we have this? This? Do you think we have enough? Are you sure your packed Molly? 
But other then that, life is good. 
We are waiting for a Star Trek dress from Soda Pop Street. 
We will scream when we get it.
Which we hope will be soon. 
And, we have family over. 
So summer is coming. 
For some, it is already here. 

I wonder what movie we will watch tonight. 
I love having no worries. 

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2 lovely comments

  1. I'm not out of school yet either.:( but if you haven't chosen a movie, I recommend the blindside and Titanic!

  2. Abagaile's outfit is adorbs! Sounds like a fun night! Eat some popcorn for us! :)

    Adollable Dolls


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