And The Winner is...

5:44 AM

To add suspense, we've added multiple photos! :D 
First off, the prize table.
{Our camera was out of memory and battery- so mommy's phone took these! Sorry for the quality!}
Just a reminder, the second place winner get a poster signed by me and Abagaile, while the first place winner receives the dress and a poster! 
All the names in a box! 
{Box courtesy of Soda Pop Street ;) )
Abagaile is picking second place! 

And the winner of the signed poster is........

Mikaela Vall! 

Congratulations Mikaela! Look out for an e-mail from us! :) 

Update: You didn't post your e-mail! Please e-mail us at  to receive your prize Mikeala! If you don't e-mail us within the next week, we will have to choose a new winner! 

Now I get to choose 1st place...

And the winner of the signed poster and the dress is.........


Be sure to look out for an e-mail from us! :) 

That concludes our first giveaway! And, our last 21 Days of Fabulous post...but maybe we'll do it next year! :) 

Thanks to all who entered! 

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