A New Family Portrait

3:58 PM

Because Saige joined the family, we needed a new family picture! We aren't 100% happy with this...but I guess it will do for now. ;) So, how was your week? Mine was b-o-r-i-n-g! And another note, we are extending our Fourth of July contest! E-MAIL US PICTURES PEOPLE!!!! 

Anyways...mommy is really excited to start another week of horse camp next week! :D Today she trotted/galloped by herself! Which is a huge thing for mom, because the first time she rode a horse (with somebody leading her) was Monday. And my mother is scared of practically everything. XD She was shaking the whole time Monday! Even about half an hour after she got off! The first time she rode without somebody leading her was yesterday, and she was so pumped! :) Then today, when they told her to try and gallop..she did it..and almost fell off. 

But she was okay! 

Enough about mom and horses....how was your week?


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  1. My week was great! Ooohhh, horse camp! :). I wish I was going to something like that. And I love your new family portrait!


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