The Dress Has Arrived!

6:01 AM

The 21 Days of Fabulous is over, and we are ending it with a GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter by June 8th!
And, now back to your scheduled post!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody! :) 

It feels FANTASTIC to blog again! 

Oh, let me introduce myself- I'm Lanie. Hi! 

So, yesterday, we went to go pick up the dress for our giveaway! (See above!) 

We got 2, so we can review one, and the other is given to the lucky winner!

Here it is: 

Isn't it beautiful? The colors are gorgeous! 

Abagaile is reminding you: You COULD WIN! 

The dress comes to around the knees.

The view from the back! 

Okay, so be sure to enter the contest (link at top of the post) and have a great day! :) 

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  1. Hi, I'm Christina! I love your header, it is so cute and pretty! I'm new to the doll blogging world, and I'm working on making my own! You can check it out so far at Thanks!

    1. Why thank you! We will most definitely check out your blog!


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