21 Days of Fabulous Day 9: Simple Dresses for Formal Occasions

5:31 AM

Happy Mother's Day every dollie! :) Today we are surprising mommy by taking her to a fancy brunch! Being fancy and all, we decided to wear dresses. But what to choose? 
Simple dresses are the best dresses. You can dress them up with jewelry and accessories, and they look great for formal occasions. 
Picture via PersonalizedforyouKY on Etsy

The dress above showcases simple patterns that give an elegant look. 

Picture via camelotstreasures on Etsy

This maxi dress has a colorful pattern, I'd love to see how this goes with one of the infinity scarves we got yesterday!
Picture via My Doll's Life

This eyelet dress is really cute, perfect for summer also may I say!

Picture via Springfield Collection

This dress from Springfield is the most simple yet! The collar and belt look really good together, and the colors coordinate perfectly!

Happy Mother's Day! 



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