21 Days of Fabulous Day 7: Current Trends

2:12 PM

Sometimes we can't keep up with the latest and most popular trends, but here's a guide to trendy doll fashion for today's fabulous post. 
Picture Via Elegant Basics on Etsy

One of the new fashions will definitely have to be moccasins!
Picture via Erin's Little Secrets 
One of Lindsey and I's new favorite patterns would  is Houndstooth. Weird name huh? Well the pattern reminds me of Sherlock Holmes somehow! 
Picture via Relerserian 

I really am starting to LOVE bubble skirts! I really like this one, because it gives a bohemian look to the lucky doll who gets to wear it! 
Picture via The Trendy Doll

Something I really love is these sort of jeans (pictured above) I don't know what to call them except for fabulous! 

That's all for today girls! 

Keep being fabulous!



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  1. I love infinity scarves! I also have a pair of jeans kind of like that, it's half jeans and half leggings.


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