21 Days of Fabulous Day 6: A Review of Soda Pop Street

3:05 PM

Can you believe it is already Day 6! WOW! Do you remember Day 1 when we interviewed Katie, the owner of Soda Pop Street? Well, incase you didn't get the hint Abagaile dropped on the 1st day of the 21 Days of Fabulous, then you wouldn't know that we made a purchase from them! 
What did we buy? Well......
(I apologize in advance for the horrendous lighting, it was raining, and no amount of editing could get these photos looking any better!)

Modeled on Caroline is a colorful, zebra infinity scarf! Which is GORGEOUS! It is so bright and colorful, and so well made! It is just amazing! 

Lindsey is wearing a lace infinity scarf that is the most beautiful shade of green! Not to mention, lace is really in right now! 

Lastly, Abagaile is wearing an off the shoulder lace t-shirt. Isn't that ADORABLE? So well made too I must say!

We give Soda Pop Street a 100 out of 10! I have been looking for cute infinity scarves for quite some time now, and just couldn't find any cute ones! But Soda Pop Street infinity scarves are perfect! The shirt is beautiful! We recommend them 120%! We hope to make another purchase from them soon.....

If you haven't already, go check out this AMAZING Etsy shop! Soda Pop Street



P.S: We have reached a milestone! This is our 17th post, and we now have 11 followers! Thanks everybody! :) 


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  1. AWESOME! :) I love their shop!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you really like your items and are enjoying them!

    Adollable Dolls


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