21 Days of Fabulous Day 3: A Cinco De Mayo Picnic

3:14 PM

Hiya! So as you may or may not know, yesterday was Cinco De Mayo! We had a lovely picnic yesterday! And what is more fabulous then a fabulous picnic? My favorite thing about Cinco De Mayo is all the bright colors! That is why this is included in the 21 Days of Fabulous, is because throughout the post, we show you the bold colors! Let's get started! There are some REALLY random photos, and a ton of them, so, prepare to be mobbed by photos! 

Molly eating a taco! 
As you can see from the photo above, Molly is eating a taco. But do you see that dress? COLORS! Bright red- it screams CINCO DE MAYO! Well, kind of. Also, doesn't that taco looks delicious? Kanani made them, and boy, were they good! 
Mia wearing a sombrero. 
We all decided to wear sombreros to this picnic, and don't you see how well Mia's sombrero coordinates with her tutu? 
Kanani and Caroline munching on chips! 
Above, you see that Caroline looks ready for summer in her t-shirt and shorts! Which go together, because there is green on her shirt. 
Lanie guarding the chips and salsa! 
Lanie, is another example of sombrero fashion, because her red sombrero matches her red shirt. It also matches Kanani's homemade salsa! 
Kanani enjoying her taco and lounge chair! 
In this photo, you can see Kanani's lounge chair better. We recently got it at Goodwill, and it has a BATTAT tag or however you spell it, which is the company that carries the Our Generation dolls at Target. The lounge folds flat into a bed, or a chair! What a great find! Also, you can tell Kanani really loves that taco! 


Caroline's foot PHOTOBOMBING! 


Pretty Blue Jay! 


Pinata Time! 

Cinco De Mayo Family Photo


PS: Tomorrows post may be late! Mia is going on a Field Trip! 

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  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun on your picnic!

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