21 Days of Fabulous Day 20: A Photoshoot/ Etsy Review!

1:42 PM

Well girls, it's Day 20. Tomorrow is the LAST day of fabulousity. Today, we got a package from the Etsy shop, Elegant Basics. We did a review on them before, but not really. That mostly was us accessorizing  :P  So this is a REAL review! 

It's a simple dress, but it looks beautiful! Does it not? It looks great for one of those "lounging around" days or if you are going to wear it on a fancy occasion. 

Here is the view from the back, still gorgeous!
It's about 1/4 of the way down with velcro. 
 We really love the neckline on this dress! 
The dress is very well made, the seams are perfect, except one little flaw...
It's not straight. But hey- being perfect is for LOSERS! :0) 

Overall, this is a very nice dress. Beautifully packaged, and very fast shipping (we ordered this Saturday!), we give it a 5/5. We recommend Elegant Basics to every doll out there. 

Now for a little photoshoot ;) 

We hope you enjoyed! 


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2 lovely comments

  1. Your photoshoot is amazing!! Thank you so much! :)

  2. The dress looks gorgeous! So versatile!

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