21 Days of Fabulous Day 2: Let's Go Swimming!

7:49 AM


Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody! Today my sisters and I are celebrating by wearing sombreros and having a taco picnic in the backyard, which will be featured in tomorrow's 21 Days of Fabulous post. 

It's really hot down here! Summer is already approaching! Another thing  my sisters and I are doing today is going swimming! So, mommy and I made this SUPER quick, SUPER easy swimsuit thanks to My Froggy Stuff! 

We definitely recommend making this! It is really fun, and super easy!

Have fun swimming!



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2 lovely comments

  1. Cool! I didn't get the chance to celebrate cinco de mayo, I was at a gymnastics meet.

    1. You do gymnastics? Awesome! We didn't have much of a Cinco De Mayo party either- Mia had Ice Skating, Kanani had baking class, Caroline had book club, Molly tap lessons, and Abagaile had ballet! But, we were able to have a picnic in the backyard, wear sombreros, and eat tacos! :P


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