21 Days of Fabulous Day 17: Star Trek

1:37 PM

Monday, monday, monday. I hate mondays. Don't we all? ;) I hope you all are loving our new design! The old one just wasn't working for us. We are still working it out though. For example, the comment text is white- so we can't see our wonderful comments! Can you help us??? Anyways, we should've called this 21 Days of Etsy am I right? XD I was going to show a DIY (I needed help from mommy though) but she is still sick! Grrrrrrrr. Tomorrow maybe girls! 
Anyways, the theme for today comes from last night we watched Star Trek (not the new one, the one they made like...3 years ago I think) and I was thinking hey- I want an outfit like that! 
This is Uhura:
She is in love with Spock.
I have to admit, Spock is pretty cute.;) 
She looks a lot more normal in this photo:
I'm just like: I want that dress! 

If you are a Star Trek fan yourself, then you may want this:
Picture via Enchanted Designer on Etsy 

You know, this may just have to be our next Etsy purchase ;) ;) 
I mean LOOK at it! That is just TOO cute! I must start pestering mommy about this! 

Okay, so maybe you want to be an ambassador or a captain, well then you'd have to make it yourself. 
If YOU know how to sew, and you'd be willing to make this and sell it to us, please, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, e-mail us or comment! 

Am I a geek? 

You bet I am. 

But geeks can be fabulous too you know. 

Star Trekker Forever

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6 lovely comments

  1. Cute! I'd be interested in making the blue dress for you.

    Adollable Dolls

    1. Really? That would be sooooo cool! :) I forgot your e-mail, can you e-mail us at agchloeandzoe@gmail.com??

  2. Oh, and I also really, really like your new design and header.

    Adollable Dolls

  3. Oh yes! Cute new design! :) I would totally go with Katie for a custom order, she does reasonable items. :) My grooms outfit (for my doll wedding) is getting made by her.


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