Wild Etsy Wednesdays: Lovely Lace

2:10 PM

If you guys followed us while we were still a wordpress blog, then you'd be familiar with our series, if not, let me explain. Every Monday Kanani does a Munchie Monday food recipe, like this week, she did Ice Cream, every Wednesday I spotlight some awesome stuff from Etsy with a common theme. This week, our theme is lace

For our first spotlight, we have this GORGEOUS made to order lace skirt- the lace is black, but the base color YOU CHOOSE! How cool is that? 

Did I mention it was GORGEOUS? 
Here's the listing: Black Lace Contrast Skirt

These are the perfect fancy touch to any outfit! Who wouldn't want a pair of these gloves? 

I love the flower embellishments, don't you? Here's the listing: Fingerless Lace Gloves 

Usually there is more, but my sisters and I are planning something BIG on YouTube......stay tuned...



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