Munchie Mondays: How to Make Ice Cream

1:19 PM

Hi girls! This week on Munchie Mondays, I'm going to show you how to make Ice Cream! 

You Need:

-Glue Stick (liquid glue works fine also)
-White Pom Poms
-Small Plastic Bowl (I got mine at my local grocer!) 

Step 1: 

Apply glue to the inside of your small plastic bowl. 

Step 2:

Put a few pom poms onto the glue. 

Step 3:

Apply glue on top of pom poms.

Step 4:

Add anthor layer of pom poms. 

And you're done! Now here's the best part: get creative! Add sprinkles or nuts, bits of brownies, whatever you want! 


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    1. Awesome! :) Please send us photos of your finished ice cream at !!


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