I LOVE Hats!

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I don't know about you, but I LOVE hats! And lucky you, this post is all about them. :) Today I'm only talking about the four best types of hats, beanies, sombreros, sparkly fedoras, and berets. Lets start with beanies.                            

Beanies are laid back, yet they have a classy feel to them. Beanies give a fun, artistic look, and their fashion forward. Our Beanie is from American Girl, it came with the Purple Plaid Dress, which is now retired. Most beanies have a crocheted look, because well, most of them are crocheted. The best part about that is that they are easy to find on Etsy. Beanies are for the relaxed type of people, those that go with the flow.                                                                                                                          
íI have to admit, my favorite thing about the beanie is the way it looks from the back! 

Now we can talk about my favorite, The Sombrero. Sombreros are fun and funky, perfect for the upcoming holiday, Cinco De Mayo. Our Sombrero comes from Party City, we got a pack of eight (in 5 different colors) for 3.99! What a deal! 
Please excuse the fact that we spelt Sombrero wrong.
Now we come to the Sparkly Fedora. The Sparkly Fedora is so very sparkly, it's an eye catcher, unless of course, you're standing in a room full of people wearing Sparkly Fedoras. The Sparkly Fedoras is meant for people with elegance,style,and a love of sparkles. It adds pizazz and lightens the mood. Our fedora also came from Party City, they had them in many different colors, but we choose the classic silver. Each one cost 1.99!
Sparkly Fedora

Now, for the last hat in this post, The Beret. The Beret gives a touch of elegance, a taste of Paris, a sprinkle of that "upper class" feeling. It's meant for dreamers, no, it's meant for believers! I'm sorry, I get so carried away when I talk about hats. Our Beret is from American Girl, it came with The Photographer Outfit which, yes, is retired. 


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  1. My favorite is probably the beanie!

  2. This is a really great hat style guide! I think my favorite is the Beret :)


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