Happy Earth Day + Updates!

3:17 PM

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is my favorite holiday because we get to celebrate the Earth! This year, my sisters and I took a walk in the forest near our house. We smelled some flowers, saw some squirrels, it was really fun! 

So now that Lanie's done telling you about what we did,
 I can tell you my favorite part about today! 
The sale at Aunt Bees Old Sew N New! 
See the shirt on the right? You can get that for FREE if you spend 25 dollars at Aunt Bees Old Sew N New. Which won't be hard, because they sell some pretty AWESOME stuff! If you want one though, the special is this week only! 

And now, for some updates with Caroline: 

Hello! So first of all, we have an AWESOME post planned for tomorrow! Second, we are still editing the layout. So some new gadgets will appear, and some will disappear.

Third and BEST, you can now follow us via Google Friend Connect! First to follow's website will be spotlighted here! 


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